babes in the shade swimsuit line


Here at Babes in the Shade we pride ourselves on selling quality sunshirts and swimmers.  All our sunshirts are UPF 50+ and made to the highest quality standards. You can be confident that even with constant use our products will last and provide perfect protection from the sun’s harmful rays.  However, we know that sometimes different customers have different needs, so we offer two fabric types in our swimwear range which provide different levels of chlorine resistance.




For those who swim once or twice a week, we can recommend our four star chlorine resistant fabric. This is our popular original sunshirt fabric, which is a super comfortable combination of nylon and spandex.




For those who like to swim every day, or swim regularly in highly chlorinated pools, our five star highly chlorine resistant PBT fabric would be the perfect choice.  This fabric is 100% polyester and has been chosen for its extreme durability, while still offering the style and comfort you’ve come to expect from our products.

Both options offer the fantastic sun protection, durability, value and style that is synonymous with the Babes in the Shade brand. All you have to do is choose!



Our sun shirts are made of the highest quality fabric. To keep them looking gorgeous, always rinse them in cool water and air dry after swimming.
Occasionally they may be machine washed at 30 degrees centigrade with a soft detergent and on the gentlest cycle.  It is not recommended to wash rashies in top loading washing machines as these can stretch the shirt. Babes in the Shade sun shirts and swimwear should never be ironed, tumble-dried or dry-cleaned. 

We recommend taking extra care when using some sunscreen lotions as they may damage swimwear.  Please ensure that it is completely dry before coming into contact with your swimsuit.

Rough surfaces should be avoided as they may cause pilling.



The longer children are exposed to UV radiation and the more intense the UV radiation, the greater their risk of developing skin cancer later in life.  Sun exposure during the first 15 years of life contributes significantly more towards developing skin cancer than equivalent sun exposure at any other time of life.  In our harsh Australian climate, most children are unavoidably exposed to considerable amounts of solar radiation, which is why it is important adequate measures are implemented to protect children’s skin.  The best means of protecting your children's skin while they are exposed to UV light is to ensure they wear long sleeved, UPF50+ protective swimwear or clothing.

Clothing and swimwear with a UPF50+ rating offers much better protection against the sun than sunscreen.   Sunscreen does not provide total protection against all UV rays. Regardless of the SPF, no sunscreen protects you completely. Even with proper sunscreen use, some rays get through, which is why using physical forms of sun protection is so important.