Mens UV Swimwear

Be sun safe with our mens UV swimwear range. Made with UPF 50+ and chlorine-resistant material.

In the summer, Aussies want to spend all day every day in the sun. There's nothing better after a long, exhausting day of work than hitting the cool, refreshing ocean waves, or diving into a deep swimming pool - especially when the water temperature is just right.

However, if you're planning on spending all your free time in the water this summer, you need to protect your skin from the sun's harmful rays...

...and that's where we come in!

At Babes in the Shade, we've created a range of practical, high-quality mens UV swimwear to get you through the warmer months - and every other month after that! Our mens sun protective swimwear is made from high quality UPF50+ fabric which is uniquely designed to provide more protection than standard sunscreen. Wearing a mens rash vest from Babes in the Shade (and backed up with a layer of sunscreen for good measure), you can rest assured you're keeping your skin safe from the harsh Aussie sun.

Sick of swimwear that wears out after a few months in the sun? Our smart swimwear fabric is also chlorine resistant which means it'll never wear, stretch or fade, even if you live in the pool all year round. Our mens UV swimwear is made to go the distance and serve from season-to-season.

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